Framing Fuller: The Fuller Family

Photo by Sonia Di Loreto, Courtesy of Houghton Library, Harvard University.

In her family Papers at located in Harvard University's Houghton Library, a Fuller family portrait is contained, showing how the whole family was interested in self-representation, and how they were consumers of images.

In "Images of the Channing, Fuller, and Loring Families, circa 1850-1887 (MS Am 2593, Houghton Library, Harvard University) folder #2: Fuller family. Group portrait: photograph print, before 1856. 1 item in 1 folder.Date: 1856. Possibly a print from a daguerreotype?

The note explains: Includes images of: William Henry Fuller (brother of MF, d.1878), Margaret Crane Fuller (mother of MF, 1789-1859), Arthur B. (Arthur Buckminster) Fuller (brother of MF, 1822-1862), Ellen Kilshaw Fuller Channing (d. 1856, sister of MF and wife of William Ellery Channing 2nd), and Richard Frederick Fuller (brother of MF, 1824-1869).